Fifty years ago, "T.S.BRAND" that my grandfather wanted to send out to the world someday
Knowing such thoughts, my father was devoted to making strings while warming up in his heart.
I've been chasing that back with my brothers since I was little.
But my grandfather and dad's backs were so big that they soon caught up.
Now they are both cheering on the distant sky.

The luster of waxing that the two were particular about. Craftsman's pride.
And a factory brand.
Being the third generation, I wanted you to feel the quality that is particular about it because it is a manufacturing factory, and I have been thinking about braids that are close to each person.
With the concept of "for the finest luster" that the souls of grandfather, father, and our brothers are full of
We propose strings that resonate with sensibilities that you have never met.



"For the finest luster"


The T.S.BRAND string has a unique luster. Gentle elegance. A higher-grade string.
Now that the attention to detail is weak, I want you to strengthen your attachment to what you use.
The string is exactly the detail in the product.
T.S.BRAND will deliver a string with "excellent luster".

The greatest strength is the technical strength of waxing, from thread to string,
Careful work by craftsmen's handiwork.
Effort and attitude, all of which are combined, leads to "excellent luster".

The luster illuminates each person's individuality and brings out the sensibility of the user.
The luster brightens the manufacturing site and further conveys the charm of the string.
T.S.BRAND's particular string is "for the finest luster".