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  • The tightly packed core that has been tried and errored many times to adjust the core
    It keeps clean even if you pull it.
    Round shoelace with a focus on high-quality roundness and thickness.

    Handicrafts of craftsmen who repeat waxing more than 1,500 times.
    "Waxing" that is applied one after another permeates to the core of the string
    Produces a deep and unique luster and moist touch.

    The gorgeous colors dyed with the underground water of Mt. Fuji, which is the blessing of Mt. Fuji.
    The delicately calculated string width and thickness also have durability,
    An elegant lace that has been handed down for three generations and is particular about the finest details.

  • ■ Color

    ■ Details
    Waxed shoelaces
    120cm waxed shoelaces for low-cut shoes (6-7 shoe holes)
    150cm waxed shoelaces for high-cut shoes (8-9 shoe holes)
    Free size order cut ~ 200 cm (+ ¥ 165) or 201 cm ~ (+ ¥ 300)

    ■ Size details (mm)
    Thickness: Approximately 4 mm / Tip diameter: Approximately 4.3 mm

    ■ Material
    String: 100% cotton / Metal tip: Made of brass

  • ・ Order cuts are simple packaging, not packaging. In addition, it may take longer than usual. Please note.
    -There is a size difference between the original metal tip diameter and the shoe hole diameter of your shoes. Please check in advance.
    -This product is hand-waxed on a cotton string. Therefore, it may be slightly different from the size stated in the processing condition. note that.
    ・ The color may differ slightly depending on the dyeing lot.
    -The color may look different from the actual product depending on the computer monitor you are using.